3D is addictive

Went to see Avatar like almost anybody else on this planet. I spent 30 minutes in the metro and much more money than I usually would for a movie: It is so worth it! As LoR fan, I really didn’t need the break in the middle of the movie. And I wish that James Cameron had spent a bit more time on the story but these images…

The OMG moment though was with the trailer for How to train your Dragon as I had seen that one before but not in 3D. I felt that I could  touch this sheep if I wanted… One is so much inside the movie.

I feel caught admitting that going back to watch a movie in 2D knowing that it is out in 3D will be a very tough choice to make.


10 responses to “3D is addictive

  1. I don’t quite agree. Being already equipped with glasses in the first place, I refuse to buy contact lenses just for watching 3D movies. And with two pairs of glasses, the fun slightly suffers.

    I have to admit that I was sometimes taken by impressive pictures on the planets surface. But I also think that 3D has still some way to go, currently it is only a hack, which somehow works. 😉

    So I am not categorically against it, but will for the moment always prefer a 2D version waiting for the next generation.

  2. Héhé, funny thing is: I also have glasses. And the 3D glasses fitted perfectly over them. Felt a bit funny first but then absolutely no problem; perfect sight, image quality etc.

    I will continue watching 2D for 2D movies but for the rest… I’m very tempted.

  3. the film is a copy of dances with the wolfes, what a rip of. As for 3-D MY BLOODY VALENTINE is the best 3-D film, its boring unless theres blood and stuff in 3-D. But today we had the first ever live football game in 3-d, but only in the pubs. Still fun. Again i dont understand why avatar was hit. Best film of the past 10 years has to be 300

  4. Whoah, and I thought I like to bring in controversial opinions. I liked your argumentation until you mentioned 300 as best film of the past 10 years. It is not that I didn’t enjoy it, but best film? You must be kidding! 😉

  5. I really enjoyed it the worst part is the Film coming in march called CLASH OF THE TITANS, May be in 3-D. 3-D is ok now and then but its likea gimmick so i really hope they dont make clash of the titans 3-d or it will just make it into a 3-d one of film. And yes 300 is awsome.

  6. @ Friend from the UK: 3D football game?? If you mean that you were playing in a pub, totally drunk; why don’t you say so?

    @ al:x: I agree with you.

  7. hahahha no, it was a live game in 3-d, but u had to go have the glasses which they gave free in the pubs, but i was not sure how they made live football in 3-D. P.S 300 IS THE BEST FILM.

  8. @ UK friend: Have you actually seen Avatar?

    I think you are pulling my leg with this 3D football…

  9. the 3-D football is true, u can confirm by typing 3c football on the bbc news, avatar i have seen, and its shit. u germans will never leanr

  10. Diplomatic, kind and gentle… That’s how we like the English.
    Wait until June and you will see in 3D how the Germans will kick your English asses on the field 😛

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