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Fog over Berlin aka memories


How to make new friends

20h30: Watching football (Portugal – Serbia) with your Portugese flatmate and reminding him of the game Germany – Portugal during the worldcup 2006…

21h45 Reminding your Dutch flatmate that the Netherlands did not qualify for the 2002 world cup…

(To be continued)

Beer in Brussels I

No idea if this is really going to be a serie but I had to take the photo today.


Name: Kwak

Served: See photo

Taste: Strong, slightly bitter with a nice after taste of caramel

Result: recommended

Don’t get it…

Sunday afternoon: I meet with a friend of mine who is passionated about jazz. Since there are several good jazz events for free in the city, we go to on concert place only to find out that it is already overcrowded. We go to another bar and with more luck than planning, we get a really good place.

After 45 minutes of waiting, the concert of a “really good” Polish jazz group starts. My friend who knows jazz is very happy and I am… lost. Every time I go out with friends to a jazz concert, I feel like going home after thirty minutes. I feel somehow strange because there are so many people who go crazy about it. And me? Nothing. It is not even that I do not like jazz, it is just that it leaves me completely unaffected…

Jazz gives me the same feeling as R’n’B and Reggae, it is nice but after thirty minutes, I had enough for a while. Blues, rock, gospel, yeah great, but jazz??? I am really sorry for all those who love jazz but to me it seems to be the same every time…

Actually, I am still hoping to get it one day. It is not very fashionable to say “I don’t like jazz”. Everybody seems to like it… But I do not have much hope.

Never mind,

la puce

I am Tof

When you just do things for fun, they can turn out much more serious than initially intended.

When my Belgian colleague send me the link about Brussels Tof people, I filled it in just for fune. And now, I am selected. Not that I would not have enough things to do with the job, the social activities, language classes and sports…

Now, I am going to be invited to all the events around the celebration of the 50th anniversairy of the Treaty of Rome. But read yourself: brusselstofpeople

I hope that it will add to my European experience here and I hope that I will still be able to find some time for sleep…But that is another story anyway.

Word of the week “or” how to get bad habits

Rojak = Rojak Language or Bahasa Rojakis a Malaysian term, literally meaning “mixed-up language” in Malay, to define the practice of code-switches between 2, 3, 4 or more languages in a conversation similar to pidgin, Manglish and Singlish. Reference: Wikipedia

One of the, well, problems I have in Brussels is that I can speak German, French, English and perhaps even improve my Spanish. But then, there are friends who also speak two or three of these languages what leads to the fact that every time I do not find immediately a word in one language I use the other one.

This get’s a real problem when I start sentences in English and finish them in French but with people who cannot follow.

Why do I write this? I like the word “rojak”. It is also a meal (just google it) and the pictures on wiki are looking nice. Yep.

Spring in Brussels


Parc du cinquentenaire