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Belgium 2007 is

  • My little sister coming to visit me and giving me the task to show her around in Brussels and pretending to know the city much better than I actually do
  • Surprisingly good weather since we did not have rain for nearly a week now
  • Strangely empty as a lot of people I know went back to their home countries
  • Finding new friends through meeting old ones
  • Trying to find a new room for not much more money than the old one but closer to the city center and perhaps with fewer flatmates… (It is not that I did not like them. It’s just that nine were sometimes a bit too much)
  • Visiting the Royal Palace open every year during summer time (cameras were not allowed)
  • Lazy as there would be a lot of things to do but I’m more benefiting from my last week of holiday
  • Work starting next week
  • A good time

France 2007 was:

  • Coming back to city where I lived, loved and studies for four years and which I left over a year ago
  • Arriving at night time (22h20) and leaving at night time (5h00)
  • First class train ticket for the way back in the special summer edition, so that even I was able to afford it
  • going to the market on Sunday morning and buying the best garlik olives I ever ate
  • Hiking to “La Bastille” on a wonderful sunny Sunday afternoon La Bastille
  • Seeing friends from my former studies, my former waterpolo team and my former residents’ hall
  • Visiting the château de Vizille with it’s nice park and the lake where I saw the biggest carp ever Cèdre - Cedar Carp Château de Vizille
  • Having a wonderful drive to the very nice village Pont-en-Royans (photos as soon as I get them)
  • Being carsick on the way back to Grenoble – double bend over double bend – not good for me
  • Wacking up at 4h46 after going to bed at 3h00 and having a train at 5h to take – adrenaline at its best
  • A wonderful time

Germany 2007 was:

  • A good occasion to get dried out from my Internet addiction
  • Visiting my great-grand parents grave and the place where my grandfather was born: Huysburg Inside of the Huysburg church The orgue
  • East German music: Puhdys “Alt wie ein Baum”
  • A lot of driving for me (I really like to drive but since I do not have a car…)
  • Bathing in a former stone quarry: Stone quarry
  • Sweet dumplings and other of my favourite meals
  • Visiting Halberstadt:“Altar” - I forgot the English word Street in the former Jewish district Cathedral and St. Martin
  • Having a good friend coming to visit me in my place
  • A lot of discussions with family and friends
  • Walnut wine (French recipe – done by my parents)
  • Playing Badminton with my little cousins and my sister
  • A wonderful time!

Ich bin wieder hier

Yes, I am back in Brussels after three weeks of holiday. Actually, two days I worked somehow, having two job interviews and one test to pass. Before, I was in Germany, after one week in France. It was a great, mostly internet-free time. Now, back to work (if I find some) and back on the net. So, there should be some more posts here in the next time,
Enjoy, la puce

Strange world of mine

Already I am not a big fan of moving and/or doing my luggage for trips. Most of the time, I do it in the very last minute. The worst thing for trips are books. Their weight seems to multiply exponentially once they are in a back. I came here with a back not weighting more than 12k (my estimation) and now? Ok, my sister forgot a few things I’ll take for her, I got some confiture from my mum, towels and three books. This can’t give four kilos, can it?

Wondering, la puce

Being dried out

For my own sake, I am drying myself out – No Internet. Or not more than once a day and this only for one or two hours.

It is strange how much I am used to Internet. I do and can live without a TV. But Internet? Impossible quite obviously if you want to stay in touch with friends or even get a job nowadays. But having Internet at work the whole day makes me clearly addicted. I feel something missing if I have not been on my favourite blogs, read the newspaper on the net, looked up something on Wikipedia and so on…

Seriously, I would like to know when it is just normal use and when Internet becomes a serious addiction. I don’t think that I am really addicted, just using it too much.

Anyway, la puce

Retour sur le net

After 4 incredible days of Internet absence, I am back on the net. At least as long as I want. But actually, I did not really miss it the last days. The weather was too sunny, the food too good, the company too nice… It feels good to get a rest from the fast speed I am usually moving in. The return to Brussels and to the speed will be soon enough… Will be difficult to get used to it again.

Ahhh, beautiful lazy summer holiday life! La puce

On holiday

La puce 1 (LP1): Just wanted to tell you that I am on holiday. In order to change a bit from the last few months, I’ll try to take holiday from the Internet as well. At least for a few days.

La puce2 (LP2): Probably I am not able to survive longer than three or four days.

LP1: Still, I gonna try.

LP2: Tomorrow, I’ll be back on the net, surfing and gathering unnecessary information, hehehe.

LP1: Tomorrow, I’ll go to my grandparents – no Internet, hehehe.

We will see who will win at the end but there are not going to be too many posts for the next two weeks. See you now and then.

La puce (1&2)

First free day

  • Agency for temporary employment1
  • Agency for temporary employment2
  • Bank for accommodation insurance
  • Saying good bye to friend1
  • Buying a summer skirt
  • Helping friend2 to move
  • 2 hours walking through half of the city
  • Museum in the afternoon
  • Beer1 with friend
  • Discovering an entire new part of the city*
  • Beer2 with another friend
  • uff…

BTW: The weather was wonderful, sunny, warm and summer like.
*New to me, obviously