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Oscar Niemeyer Museum – Curitiba

I’m not a big fan of modern architecture and the more concrete is involved, the less I generally like it. It’s hence not a surprise that I’m somewhat suspicious of Oscar Niemeyer’s work. Though in comparison with the standard, read: boring, Brazilian architecture – rectangular, concrete, high risers – Niemeyer’s imaginative grandeur style stands out.

And so does the Oscar Niemeyer Museum in Curitiba, designed by and named after him. intriguing, stylish, space-consuming – Niemeyer’s buildings call for attention and provide unexpected perspectives.

The photo exhibitions inside went in line with the outer shape and so we spent an agreeable 3 hours at the MON, liking Niemeyer or not.


Offensive truth?

No style no glory

I saw this poster in Brussels a couple of weeks ago but before I could take a picture, it had disappeared. On Sunday, I saw another one in a Namur. It is an ad for an exhibition and though  it might be offensive to some, I think that whoever did it, has a point here.

If ever this upsets you, please complain to “We love moules & frites“; which, no matter the content, is a very cool name for a blog.

Avoir le cafard

Is a French expression I really like. Literally, it means to have a beetle, i.e. a slight depression or having a bad moment in life.

CafardsCouldn’t stop thinking about this, when I saw a piece of art of [Name of the Artist] done with hundreds of thousand of shiny green scarabée wings.