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Bilan cinématographique trimestriel

The Hurt Locker*** – I’ve never seen the small cinema on the corner of my street that full. 20 out of the 25 places were taken. It’s not a movie good for my nerves but it definitely deserved the Academy Award over Avatar. Thrilling, crazy, drugged.

Alice back in Wonderland** – Eyefood. Very pretty eyefood underlined by a somewhat darker interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s book.

Soul Kitchen** – Good and funny though not the film of the year.

De helaasheid der dingen** – Good, strange and strong movie about a boy who’s growing up with his dad and three oncles who drink more than is good for them and him. He knows that he needs to get out of this rather high-percentage environment; the question is how.


3D is addictive

Went to see Avatar like almost anybody else on this planet. I spent 30 minutes in the metro and much more money than I usually would for a movie: It is so worth it! As LoR fan, I really didn’t need the break in the middle of the movie. And I wish that James Cameron had spent a bit more time on the story but these images…

The OMG moment though was with the trailer for How to train your Dragon as I had seen that one before but not in 3D. I felt that I could  touch this sheep if I wanted… One is so much inside the movie.

I feel caught admitting that going back to watch a movie in 2D knowing that it is out in 3D will be a very tough choice to make.

With brown sauce

that’s how John, the main caracter of Intermission, drinks his coffee.

As much as I like brown sauce with baked beans, the idea to put something that’s made of malt vinegar, tomatoes, molasses, dates, tamarind and spices in my coffee makes me shudder.

But somewhere inside me, the curious six year old still wants to try it. I’m staggering between disgust and temptation. Guess which side will win.


3 books

First place: Shared between Jane Eyre and The Jane Eyre affair. Both for their great female characters, the second book for its craziness and the dodo.

Runner up: The road – Dark, threatening atmosphere. A book to be read quickly, impossible to put aside, disgusting and thrilling all at once.

Looser: The glassbook of the dream eaters. Good critics, good start but overdetailed boredom half way through.

3 movies

First place: The Wrestler – best performance of the year, great sound track, a movie where everything just works.

Runner up: Star Trek – good special effects, nice story, a bit of fight, a bit of love. Far more than a fan movie.

Looser: Public enemy – Lack of patina. A good story styled to death.