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Wrong day

When your birthday is at the end of November, normal birthday weather is rainy and cold. When you are in South Africa, end of November, the weather is sunny, warm, and wonderful.

Problem: You don’t feel like birthday. You don’t feel like November. You know that it is but you feel like in a different time-space-continuum (A! translation from German)

Anyway, somebody will sing for the “Happy Birthday” for you (in English and Xhosa), you will have two Chocolate Cakes (seriously!) and a nice day.

Life is full of surprise. Thanks a lot!

 A rainbow from France for Claudia staying in the Rainbow Nation


Beware the translation

 In German: Zeit totschlagen

In French: Tuer le temps

In English: To kill time. 

I guess that this is only funny to me but since it is my blog….. 

Hallo, Salut, Hello, Molo!

  1. I thought about writing this first article in French, German and English, but I guess that I would never post it, too much work and not enough opportunities to have Internet access.

  2. Currently, I am in Gugulethu, Cape Town, South Africa, trying to discover, learn and understand. It’s quite difficult as South Africa is a country of multiple aspects. Life in Cape Town has little in common with life in the townships that itself is quite different from life in rural areas.
  3. Since I run out of ideas today, I advice you to read the ‘About’.
  4. I’am still learning how this works. So I ask you to excuse me if this side is still a bit messy. No, I had no time reading the FAQ but I am looking forward to it.
  5. Last but not least: Welcome to my blog.

Wo ist der Vogel?

Hello world!

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