Monthly Archives: November 2008

You know you’re famous when

  • a plant is named after you – “Herbe à puce”
  • an animal is named after you – easy
  • a street is named after you:

    Rue du saut de la puce dinan

    Rue du saut de la puce dinan

  • an airport is named after you – working on it


Starbucks says that all it’s coffee is going to be Fairtrade. Does that mean that so far, it’s unfair trade and that the farmers producing the coffee cannot make a living from it?

Just wondering…

Translation is hell

When I saw this title “The German politicians: Too wrongly ostracized?”, not making any sense in English, of an event taking place in Germany, I spend some time trying to figure out what the original German title could have been like. Unsuccessfully.

It is “Die deutschen Politiker – zu Unrecht gescholten?” ; and I leave the correct translation to others, but the German “zu” is, admittingly, quite a tricky one. It can be translated as “to” or “too”; to mention just a few.

I know that I’m helpful. No need to thank me.

Brussels International

is to be in an African Mass with mainly Cameroonians in the morning, see a former Romanian landlord at noon and to finish the day watching a football match with a bunch of Italians.

Love it

Snow in Brussels

In the streets, the snow is melting as soon as it touches the ground leaving nothing but a slippery grey mud behind but as long as it falls and in some hidden corners, it’s just beautiful. The perfect day to stay inside with a good book and hot chocolate.

To get lost on purpose

is pretty easy: Just go into a street or an area you don’t know. Walk around, have a look and discover. In any city, it will bring you to hidden treasures not mentioned in the tourist guide. Or in a highly critical situation…

Attention span & ephemera

It’s not easy to get some good work done having the Aufmerksamkeitsspanne of a Eintagsfliege.


Day dreaming is great: You walk through the world appearing fully operational while the mind wanders free in unexplored territories. You build chastles or conquer the world and noone will ever know. The best is that the dreams are under control – no nightmares, you win over all your enemies, the final goal is yours.

The waking up is a bit disturbing when you realise that you went 2 metro stations too far and are going to be late for work. But a part from this…


Le lit, ce merveilleux endroit
on ferme les yeux et on s’y voit
pas seul
plutôt à deux, voir trois.