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I did not have much time in Bath as the main purpose of being there was work. With only a few hours to see more from the city than the way from the station to the bed-and-breakfast and vice-versa, I was delighted to discover that there was a free guided walk.

Our small group was guided by Andrew who was spitting while talking because he was so excited about Bath. It was quite cold on this grey but luckily not rainy Sunday morning and the poor Australians who formed the majority of the group were slowly freezing to death. Though, I wouldn’t have been surprised if it had started snowing…

So how was it? A part from cold, Bath is 2000 years old, it has a funny Cathedral with angels climbing up the stairs to heaven (I thought they had wings but never mind), it was founded by the Romans, had various visits by various members of various royal families and hot water is coming from the underground, d’où the name of the station “Bath Spa”. Andrew insisted that Spa means “Sanitas Per Aquam” while I kindly made the point that it came from Spa in Belgium. Wikepedia confirmes that I’m right.

It was nice but as a friend said recently: Blue sky really makes a difference. Not to mention a few degrees more so that I was not too unhappy to take the train in the early afternoon back to BXL. But considering that I did not pay the train I can’t complain.