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  • Compared to Gare de Lyon, Gare de Midi is a rather provincial and quite little station, judging from the sheer amount of people and the number of those that are running.
  • Hmmm, the smell of a pine forest after a day of rain.
  • The regret of not having a camera with me to take pictures of the may-bugs (Maikäfer, hanneton)… I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen one before.

Den Haag

Or: How to miss Konnigintag while being in the Netherlands on the very same day…

To be honest, why spending time in the city with actually not that many people wearing orange if it is much more beautiful to go to the beach or to some of the big parks?

Den Haag really is a pretty though small city with plenty of nice coffee places, canals and a tramway to the beach. And seriously: BEACH, how not to love it?:  wind, sand, and the smell of salt water.