About “La puce”

Four reasons to write this blog

  • Share thoughts
  • Write about the things I do
  • Friends who might be interested to follow
  • I can put all the weird stuff crossing my mind because it is my blog.

Four rules for this blog

  • Enjoy.
  • Feel free to comment.
  • Do not blame me for my English; I am not a native speaker.
  • Feel free to inform me about grammar/spelling/style mistakes but be nice!

Four Five places I lived in

  • Magdeburg, Germany (actually not really but never mind)
  • Bonn, Germany
  • Grenoble, France
  • Gugulethu, Cape Flats, South Africa
  • Brussels, Belgium

→ currently: Maceio, Brazil the country of carnival, beaches and the worst beer ever.

My four favourite films

Now, that is a tricky one because even if these are certainly my favourite films and I can watch them once a year or so but not over and over and over again.

  • 3 Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel (the Czech version of Cinderella realised in the seventies, wonderful Christmas film with amazing music)
  • Firefly – the pilot
  • Lord of the Rings
  • These children films realised from the books of Astrid Lindgren (Ronja Räubertochter, Mio mein Mio, etc.)

Four TV-shows I like to watch
There are not many TV-shows which can make me change meetings with friends or so.

  • West Wing
  • Downton Abbey
  • Big Bang Theory, Navy CSI
  • Caamelot (French TV, best Arthur parody ever)

Four places I would like to visit in the nearer future

  • Budapest and Prague
  • The Baltic States
  • Salvador de Bahia
  • Colombia

Four things I like to eat
Basically, I eat everything. I hate celery and I am not very fund of all this sausage stuff. Things I really like is more difficult since this depends on the season, on my mood, on what is available, on my finances, and on my shopping opportunities:

  • Cheese – all sorts
  • Fruit or Vegetable salad
  • Meat!
  • Sweet stuff, especially caramel. You can keep the chocolate.

Four websites I visit daily

  • Google reader Feedly
  • Sueddeutsche.de
  • Wikipedia
  • My mail server

Four things I try to do every day

  • Improve my Portuguese
  • Play guitar
  • Learn something new
  • Smile

What does “lapuce” mean?

  • la puce
  • der Floh
  • the flea
  • The person writing this blog, i.e. I was given this surname by a friend and I think that it fits pretty well.

19 responses to “About “La puce”

  1. Was war der Name, den Du bevorzugt hättest?

  2. Mein Lieblingsname als ich das Blog eröffnet habe, war ja “quoique”. Bedeutet so viel wie “obwohl” und ist eins meiner Lieblingsworte im Französisch. Kann man eigentlich gar nicht so richtig übersetzen.
    Mittlerweile finde ich aber, dass die ‘zweite Wahl’ “lapuce” viel besser zu mir und dem Blog passt. Ich spring schon ziemlich viel in der Weltgeschichte herum…

  3. Internet est un superbe outil. Je ne vais sur ton blog que ce soir, 4 Mars 2007.

    Un vrai moment de bonheur.
    Merci d’avoir donné aux gens qui te connaissent la possiblité de voir ces photos magnifiques et de t’y retrouver un instant , bronzée et souriante, au détour d’un clic.
    Comme une rencontre par hasard et avec le même plaisir.
    La lumière (les lumières) qui ont éclairé
    la puce là-bas ne te quitteront jamais.
    Merci, la mademoiselle de Magdebourg.
    Alain Lévis

  4. In einem Blog, das ich vor Urzeiten gerne gelesen habe (alifeuncommon, gibbet aber nich mehr), gabs immer die “Friday Five”. So eine ähnliche Idee ist die Vier-Dinge-Geschichte hier ja auch. Finde ich gut. Klaue ich mir. 🙂

  5. Sure, take it! Hope to read soon more from you!
    (By the way, this “four nanana” thing was once a “Stöckchen” I stole from another blog)

  6. Pingback: Four films I did not watch « La puce, die Welt and everything else

  7. I just found your blog via Anke Gröner. I like what I read and will certainly come back.

    I liked especially, how you succeeded in naming 7 places for the question “4 places I would like to visit…”, but still making it look like you actually named 4 😉

    Have a nice 2008!

  8. Thanks for the nice comment. As you may have seen I also named more than four films, more than four serie and more than four things to eat.You are the first to notice this or at least to make a comment about it.

    4 whatsoever was a bit limiting after all. It’s supposed to give a certain frame. I’ll remember it whenever I rework the “About”.
    Have fun, la puce

  9. Haha, don’t get me wrong. I do not mind, that there are more than four items per category … the opposite is true, why restrain yourself from expressing what you like.

  10. Don’t worry – I got it right. I had a look on your blog yesterday, we just started writing about the same time. See you around!

  11. Well, assuming, that you refer to the archive links on the right, I have to clarify something. They are restricted to 14 entries for me; actually my blog has had its 4th birthday last month and this would make the list rather long showing nearly 50 months 😉

    The first month was December 2003, but actual content started only in January.

    Puh … that old already 😉

  12. OK, good to know. You are much older than I am, bzw. your blog is. I’m still surprised that mine is going on as I planned stopping it after coming back from South Africa….
    I’ll have to find a way of organising the archive by years and than by months because you are right, that after a while, it is just too long to be shown.
    Another things to be done – good!

  13. Thank you for sharing this blog with me. It makes me wish I was in Europe! -Benton

  14. Let me know if ever you make it over the Atlantic and I’ll show you around!

  15. Dear lapuce,

    in “Du coq à l’ane”, you most likely missed a circumflex 🙂

    G, 22:15 Danube Time

  16. Hi Lapuce
    Im Carmel. im a resident in New Zealand for 8 yrs now.Im a nurse.Ive stumbled across your blog while serving the net,I read your blog to ur auntie complaining about Xhosa language and the difficulty u encountered trying to fit in..i agree,,then i saw u mentioned something in french.u c im learning french..and i was struggling to find out what u mean with the word la puce and why would u call yourself a flea but thru searching i found d meaning..we have a few things in common..i was born in sSA ,CPT..im a cape colored & would like to learn xhosa myself,my 1st language is aftrikaans,,i will register to your site if im allowed & being accepted by u.ive been on the pc now 4 few hrs so ,exuse my english..May b u cud teach me french & xhosa hehe….u hav a nice day..talk to u later…take care

  17. Thank you so much for your friendly comment Carmen! It’s great to have someone from New Zealand reading my blog. I learned so much in South Africa; the first and the last was how little and how much the skin colour could matter depending on the circumstances…
    For the French: Good luck, the best is to go for France, lock yourself up in a Frenchspeaking environment for a few months. That helps 🙂

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