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Européanisation culinaire


  • Sheep feta (Greek)
  • Polenta (Italy)
  • Orange juice (Brazil)
  • Mexican sweet corn mix, Green beans (produced in Germany)
  • Sardine in tomato (Spain)
  • Creme, eggs, bacon (Belgium)
  • Liver pâté (France)
  • Pumpernickel (Germany)


Polenta with cream, fright bacon, beans and feta (recipe from a Romanian friend).

The other stuff is for the rest of the week.


Panoramas Luxembourg

What I don’t understand is why in Vista, I could download Autostitch, install it as usually and just do the panorama. In Ubuntu, download was no problem but (I’m sure that’s just me) but installation didn’t work. None of the (limited number of) tricks I know worked. To be improved. But the pictures are great…

A good autumn weekend idea

is to go to Luxembourg. Actually, it proved true again that no activity planned should be cancelled because of a not so great weather forecast. First, everything except pouring rain is good weather (in Belgium) and second, sometimes, the forecast turns out to be mere future telling – not very accurate.

While the weather in Brussels on Saturday morning was grey-foggy, the light took this wonderful golden autumn touch after the three hours train ride to Luxembourg. To be honest, I did not have a very clear idea what to visit in the city going beyond of walking around and around and around. And it turned out that this is more or less what I did a part from taking pictures and marvelling about the fantastic weather.

Of course, I did some other stuff too – visiting the cathedral, the St. Michael’s Church, the Casemattes (part of the ancient fortress not existing anymore today), the ville basse then walking up to the ville haute, walking over the various squares, enjoying the fleemarket and buying finally a small tripod which is the reason why the night picture above is so nice.

I think Luxembourg is a city you do not really need two days to visit for, unless you want to walk all streets worth seeing several times but with such a sunshine, it was just right.

Votez pour

Le Worst EU lobbying award 2008.

Very prestigious prize to put in the Wandschrank. Just like the golden raspberry but with some nice EU-BXL-groupe d’intérêt mix. It’s a pity that none of the winners is going to pick his prize up.

Metro music BXL

One of the particularities of Brussels is that at all times of the day, there’s music in the metro. But not the same music throughout the day, that would be too easy. I don’t know if there is a logic or deeper thought about what’s played when but I noticed that usually in the evenings between 22h and midnight, it’s classic music – mainly piano. Before, i.e. between 20h and ten, it’s more likely to be marches.

I don’t take the metro very frequently in the morning, so I couldn’t find a pattern yet even though I noticed all kind of different styles: rock, nostalgie, blues, chansons, jazz, pop, French, English and some Flemish, good stuff, awful stuff, etc…..

I couldn’t find anything on the web but I would like to know if there is someone within the Stib who is responsible for the ‘programme’ and if yes, what the quotas and reasons for playing this or that are.

Just curious…

Update 23 October: At between 19:00 and 19:30 – Queen (I want to break free) and Bangles (Walk like an Egyptian). Secret messages are passed on to the people on their way home…

Idioms home-made

You cannot take care of others without taking care of yourself.

Getting acquainted with Linux

After spending quite some time to figure out what exactly the problem with the Ubuntu desktop was (white screen of death), what the solution might be and HOW to apply the solution, I can appreciate the joke above. For all those who don’t have the slightest idea what I’m talking about: I’m not sure yet if the Ubuntu slogan “linux for human beings” really includes all human beings (no offense to the penguins among us) or just those with advanced IT knowledge.


is another German word which is rather difficult to translate; especially ” der innere Schweinehund”. I vote for integrating it into the English language as it is. Together with Schadenfreude, ersatz, Gemutlichkeit and many more, it would make a nice selection.

Eating with the eyes

makes me hungry.

El nombre de la calle

One of the things I loved in Madrid is that often the street signs include a painting of the name of the street. I should have made more photos of those.