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Human kind conquered the seas and the land. We made our way to the moon and back. But a little crystal, not even the size of a grain of sand, somewhere in the lower saliva channel can cause days of agony to be relieved only partially by pain killers.

To finish with this

X-Ray "before"

Please note the two wisdom teeth below and their nearly 90° angle. Gone, forever.



One last word


Took not even 10 minutes to get them out. And the doctor was impressed how well the wounds had healed.

However, it’s a pity I only started blogging in 2006. If I think about all the vocabulary I learned in a similar painful way in France, I could fill pages. I remember one of the first words learned in a medical context: mollet (Wade, calf). Good old times…

Un peu plus de vocabulaire

aka – Word of the week

Couldn’t find a Frensh translation…

Kiefersperre is a common symptom after a wisdom teeth extraction. I remember my parents joking often when my sister or I were taking a really big bite from a sandwhich that we should pay attention of not getting a Kiefersperre.

Well, it’s not funny.

Don’t be so German

that’s what my colleagues said when I announced my sick leave last week. But contrary what Nothingforungood writes, I don’t think that I’ll go back when the doctor says I can. The 2 minutes way to the pharmacy was exhausting today so I don’t think that I’ll be able to manage a 20 minutes walk to work tomorrow.

Sometimes, you can’t avoid planning and sometimes, you can’t avoid changing plans. Guess that’s called life.


did I have to take my socks off though it were an operation to get the wisdom teeth out?

I don’t want to complain but I really had cold feet…


Wondering what the proportion is betwen the weight of 4 wisdom teeth and the lost of weight after the operation due to liquid food only