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The difference 15 minutes can make

Alternative title: Moments when you are very happy to be inside.

Update: 60.000 people at the Pukkelpop festival were not inside when the storm hit. Some of them paid with their lifes. May their families find strength and support.


We’re getting there

The swallows are back in BXL. Can someone inform the season called SPRING that they wouldn’t mind to have some sun and maybe a bit more warmth?


The right attitude to Belgian weather

The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised.
George F. Will

Munich; 18° rain

I swear I didn’t bring the bad weather. It followed me. The pilot did in extra turn over Stuttgart to shake it off. Didn’t work.

Small consolation: It’s not any better in Brussels.

Be careful what you wish for, it might come true

that’s what I thought this morning on my way to work when the snow flakes in the icy wind felt like needles on my face.

Once inside the office though, it was very beautful to watch.


Germans are often considered as particularly respectful about rules and it’s not always funny but after five days sliding on the slippery pavements in Brussels, I came to appreciate that pavements in Germany have to be freed from snow, ice and muddy half frozen snow by 7am.

And if they are not and you’re slipping out and hurting yourself – you can sue the owner of the house. Yeah, check this out!!!

Good weather visits

It’s not fair that the weather is fantastic each time when friends come to visit me for a few days. I mean, it’s great for them but my complaints about the grey-rainy-muddy climate we usually experience just don’t seem credible.

Anyway, the weather was great in the last few days; it was the open monument day and the day without cars so no excuses for being lazy. Additionally to the European Parliament, we visited the Bibliothèque Solvay which, Belgian irony, never was a Bibliothèque (library) and the Porte de Hal. Both worth visiting.

Additionally, my friend tasted about 10 different Belgian beers, she had gauffre, moules et frittes, more frittes and all together really liked Brussels. Tant mieux alors.

Human logic

I understand when people complain about the weather in Belgium and particularly in Brussels. It’s raining a lot, and I really mean a lot. And when it is not raining, often thick grey clouds cover the sky.

What I don’t understand is when the very same people complain about the heat during the few nice days we could enjoy so far. At least, people should be consistent in their complains, no?