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Learning by happening

It is too windy to eat on the terrace when cooked spaghettis are blown away.

C’est pas faux

Dropping the dishes on the floor is a rather expensive way of doing them.

Very annoying

Error in the database. The uploaded data for subscribers is not read correctly. Result: Emails to subscribers go out as text instead of html. BIG BIG issue.

Why does this kind of thing always happen on a Monday morning or on a Friday evening?

Given and taken

or: If you loose one thing in life, you win another.

or: I have Internet access to an unprotected wifi connection in my kitchen (sitting close to the window) but the heating isn’t working (and no hot water).

or: When you study, you’ve time to travel but no money and once you work, you’ve the money but not the time.

or: There is always a price to pay. Though, I don’t see the link between no heating vs. Internet access but there’s probably a higher force in this universe (or another) which does.


Expressions I don’t like

“You need to be proactive”

Being proactive isn’t always good and being reactive isn’t always bad. Even Wiki says it.

And in my point of view, there is a small but crucial difference between being proactive and mind reading. It’s mental sanity.

Glad you asked me.

A sure way to failure

  • Set expectations as high as possible
  • Do as little as necessary to contribute to a solution
  • Avoid being pragmatic at all costs
  • Never mind reality

Time is not on my side

It’s one of these small, pointless frustrations in life when, after getting up on what seems to be the good time, showering, dressing, having breakfast and being ready to go to work, you realise that the alarm clock was not properly timed and that you are over one hour in advance. Only, that you cannot get into the building that early and it’s not worth going back to bed. And, obviously, Internet is not working at home…