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Brussels at its best

Ever had a problem with religion; especially the Christian one and wanted to relieve yourself? The solution to your problems, as often, can be found in Brussels where you can pee against the church St. Catherine.


PissoirPictures thanks to Chouzbek

Funny similarity with some branches of the above mentioned religion: it is for men only.

A mon avis les pissoirs publiques, peu importe contre quel bâtiment, sont dégueulasse.


Superstition experiment

After two years and a half in Belgium, I and several friends are convinced that:

  • it will be warm and sunny when you leave your sun glasses at home, take your umbrella, the sweater.
  • the weather will be rainy-grey if you put light summer clothes, plan a trip or some outside activities

I’m going to a BBQ tonight; wearing a skirt but have a jeans and a sweater in my bagpack. Let’s see how this works out…

Catch the irony

“New EU rules for slaughtering animals will improve standards on stunning and killing methods, and require slaughterhouses to appoint someone responsible for animal welfare.”*

Coming soon:

  • A sexual health care advisor in the Vatican
  • An appointee for freedom issues in prisons
  • Life aid classes for serial killers
* The original article was in the European Voice on June 18, but is not accessible online.

Learning by happening

It is too windy to eat on the terrace when cooked spaghettis are blown away.


I love the high speed connection at work and the fact that, as IT coordinator, I can access every website I want: Earthman Doublewood.

If you are a fan of good, straight guitar music with catchy refrains you better don’t click on the link above. It is addictive.

* earworm, ver d’oreille – German expression when a song is set on replay in your brain; weither you like it or not.


Back in Germany, well kind of…

If ever you came to associate Germany with Lederhosen, Blasmusik und Würstchen*; please go to Munich. It’s of course all stereotypes – and it’s all true.

A part from this, Munich is very beautiful, very closed on Sundays (don’t plan shopping) and very German: People will ask you if the four places around you are free before sitting and to transport the second dog on the metro, you need to buy a children ticket.

It has some beautiful museums of which I could visit only two – the Royal palace and the Neue Pinakothek (modern art), a lot of really good food and many more attractions worth visiting. Next time I have to come for longer. Jawohl!

* leather trousers, brass music and sausages

Afterthought N°1: It was a rather strange choice of the three French friends I visited the city with to spontaneously elect me as leader of our little group even though I kept on insisting that my knowledge of the city was exactly zero. “Mais tu es allemande”, is not a reason.

Afterthought N°2: I really liked the Hofbräuhaus. It is a stereotype brought alive but the food is really good and not expensive. For the drinks it is important to know that a pint is the smallest you can order; but only women and foreigners don’t look ridiculous doing so.

Afterthought N°3: I didn”t even mind the Bavarian music; at least for a while. It just fits within the overall atmosphere. Weird but somehow appropriate.

Munich; 18° rain

I swear I didn’t bring the bad weather. It followed me. The pilot did in extra turn over Stuttgart to shake it off. Didn’t work.

Small consolation: It’s not any better in Brussels.

Waterloo; lalala Waterloo

I’m missing it for the third year in a row but for those with an interest in history or a particular taste for men in uniform, the battle of Waterloo is re-enacted the coming weekend in, guess where, Waterloo.

The main battle takes place on Sunday but there is a programme from Friday onwards.

I wonder if the weather during the historic battle was as bad as the forecast announces it for this weekend… Probably so.


O-Straße - Butte du Lion 04 - GB-SoldatenThanks to Umwalker you see what it looked like last year, the year before, this year, etc.

How to pretend having good level of French

Your French is not as good as you want it to be but your time and willingness to improve it are rather limited? The ultimate solution lies in the sentence: C’est pas faux.*

* Literally: “That’s not wrong” but probably more correctly translated by “You have a point there”.

If you ask me; Kaamelott is one of the coolest series ever broadcasted on French TV. And it one of the very few examples of French humour I find funny:


DoorIn Brussels, it is always worth looking left and right, up and down. Once in a while, you then discover little jewels among the concrete of the 70’s and 80’s like this very old door on avenu Charleroi. As you can see from the stone frame around, the rest of the building is probably not even half as old.

Don’t ask me why but I like old wooden doors.