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The right perspective

depends on the point of view.

Photos parisiennes

Despite a persistent chilly wind, the low temperature and rather frequent rain, I captured a few springy pictures. And other stuff.

In case you were wondering: The pictures above are totally unrelated to yesterday’s post…

Schwein gehabt

Pig and Piglet- AfricaIs another German expression meaning to be lucky when it was not to be expected (or deserved). It came to my mind when I saw the picture above in the National Geographic POD (Picture of the Day) gadget in my iGoogle page. It also gives me the opportunity to write about the fantastic photos on http://photography.nationalgeographic.com/; most (all?) of them downloadable in high resolution as wallpaper.

More than just Schwein gehabt.


Panoramas Luxembourg

What I don’t understand is why in Vista, I could download Autostitch, install it as usually and just do the panorama. In Ubuntu, download was no problem but (I’m sure that’s just me) but installation didn’t work. None of the (limited number of) tricks I know worked. To be improved. But the pictures are great…

The curse

This time, I remembered to bring the cable to connect my camera to a computer. But, for reasons totally unknown to me, it just doesn’t work. I tried two different Internet shops – in none of them my camera is recognized by the computers. I plug it in… Nada.

The photo-travel-curse continues.