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Um pouco de musica

Samba is probably the one kind of music that comes to most people’s mind when thinking about Brazil; in line with carnival and Rio de Janeiro. Not surprising for a country of its size, there is much, much more with strong regional differences, trends and preferences.

Were it not for the help of a friend, I would be in no position to write about Brazilian music. I’m not really a fan of Bossa Nova and even less of  Forró – the popular music of the Northeast. Still, thanks to this friend who is fund of meaningful music, as opposed to the cheap, widely selling popular one, here below is a selection of songs he made me listen to to broaden my musical knowledge. What can I say but: Obrigada!


Whiskey Shivers

Or as it is said somewhere: “Good music makes good people.”

And always something new to learn

I don’t know much about classical music but this stuff is just cool:


I love the high speed connection at work and the fact that, as IT coordinator, I can access every website I want: Earthman Doublewood.

If you are a fan of good, straight guitar music with catchy refrains you better don’t click on the link above. It is addictive.

* earworm, ver d’oreille – German expression when a song is set on replay in your brain; weither you like it or not.

Metro music BXL

One of the particularities of Brussels is that at all times of the day, there’s music in the metro. But not the same music throughout the day, that would be too easy. I don’t know if there is a logic or deeper thought about what’s played when but I noticed that usually in the evenings between 22h and midnight, it’s classic music – mainly piano. Before, i.e. between 20h and ten, it’s more likely to be marches.

I don’t take the metro very frequently in the morning, so I couldn’t find a pattern yet even though I noticed all kind of different styles: rock, nostalgie, blues, chansons, jazz, pop, French, English and some Flemish, good stuff, awful stuff, etc…..

I couldn’t find anything on the web but I would like to know if there is someone within the Stib who is responsible for the ‘programme’ and if yes, what the quotas and reasons for playing this or that are.

Just curious…

Update 23 October: At between 19:00 and 19:30 – Queen (I want to break free) and Bangles (Walk like an Egyptian). Secret messages are passed on to the people on their way home…


It was really amazing that day in Gent mid of July (not weather wise, though) when we went with a couple of friends to the 10 Days off festival enjoying all kinds of music on three or four different stages, the various street artists, and the atmosphere. We also figured out that it was a bad idea to meet at the Cathedral tower if you don’t exactly know which of the three towers dominating the city is the Cathedral’s one.

But the best of the whole day was that:

I didn’t have my camera with me but a friend who eventually had, sent me the pictures right now. Many thanks!