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Already in South Africa, I had my umbrella with me only to discover that it was useless. Today the same thing happend in Brussels. The wind is so strong that the umbrella is more dangerous than usefull. If any of you is interested in knowing what the weather looks like today (and throughout the year), here is a link to a web cam.

Connection 56k

As soon as I have an Internet connection faster than a 56k Modem can provide it (preference: DSL), I gonna put some photos of South Africa on the site. Promised 😉


I know that this may seem somehow weird but I would like to have some Cyborg abilities. Just to mention a few I would love to have a tool installed in my brain which helps me to find a word in a document immediately like the shortcut Ctrl/F is doing. The shortcut Shift/F7 ; finding synonyms for a word (aka Thesaurus), would also be helpful.

But even if this very small list could be extended, I think that the best of all would be to have a kind of Ecs or Exit key. Whenever I am working on the computer and something goes wrong, my fingers are finding their way to the Escape key. This moment of relief when I discover that everything is just as before and that my doing has not caused any problems, is so… relieving.

There are moments in life when such a key would do wonders, wars and misery could be avoided and a lot of shameful situations titled with the thought: “What the h*** have I done?”

Pure beauty

I have lived there, three years and nine month. With ups and downs. Grenoble is not a beautiful city itself but the surroundings are spectacular and in my memory it will always be a good time.


Le Rabot

La Belledonne

Special thanks to Adela for the photos.


Being told by two people independently from one another that I speak English with a South African accent.


  1. Yesterday, I arrived in Brussels. The weather was awful – grey, giving absolutely no sight over the city. And I was in the 24th floor of the EU-Tower, place Madou.
  2. Today, the sun was shining so brightly that I was getting a feeling for spring. But, even when the sun is shining, Brussels is a quite ugly city. Even the inhabitant admit it.  
  3. However, I think I gonna like the people here. They are very talkative. It’s very easy to get in touch with people and I like it to listen to all the languages you can hear in the streets.
  4. As if to prove this post, I have been asked three times for directions. I don’t know if this is normal in Brussels or if it is me…
  5. One thing which is in Brussels like in South Africa is the traffic. Cars have the priority and you better make sure to stay out of their way. I once read that Brussels is the worst city in Europe when it comes to driving because all the different nations with their different driving styles (German, French, Italian, boring, crazy, etc.) are coming together here.
  6. After four years, I finally have a new mobile phone.
  7. And, Àhm, just in case that one of my dear readers is Belgian or has some connections to Brussels, I am still looking for accommodation (furnitured room, not more than 300 euros, not more than 30 minutes from the EU institutions). Anything?

New and exciting places

Belgium, la Belgique, Belgien

Brussels, Bruxelles, BrĂŒssel

What do I know about this place: chocolate, beer, chips, EU, …., not much.

I think I gonna like it, especially the first three points 🙂