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Expressions I don’t like

“You need to be proactive”

Being proactive isn’t always good and being reactive isn’t always bad. Even Wiki says it.

And in my point of view, there is a small but crucial difference between being proactive and mind reading. It’s mental sanity.

Glad you asked me.


Snow in Brussels

Don’t get me wrong; I wouldn’t mind a bit more snow before the end of the winter but the last 4 sunny, cold winter days were just gorgeous. However,

decided to come up with a Stöckchen (aka meme) showing Brussels gently covered by snow. Here we go then:

The right wrong thing to do

Feeling like taking the

  • Wrong decision at 0:00 – Keep on reading that book
  • Right decision at 4:00 – Going happily to sleep after finishing the book
  • Wrong decision at 8:00 – Getting up on time to go to work

A sure way to failure

  • Set expectations as high as possible
  • Do as little as necessary to contribute to a solution
  • Avoid being pragmatic at all costs
  • Never mind reality


Little "what exactly is it"?

Little "what exactly is it"?

Little “what exactly is it?”

or street art?

In Brussels, you never know.

Don’t stop plagiatism

It’s better to have a well copied article than badly self-written one, no?

The human brain is a vegetable

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “The human brain is a vegetable“, posted with vodpod

The easiest way to loose weight. Ever.

Clin d’œil

Two man dressed up like sailors dancing in the metro station. And not any dance but Tango – every step, every move, every turn around is perfectly executed. A group of similarly dressed people is watching them.

Life is beautiful.

“It should work” said the IT guy

Forgiveness is great and everybody makes a mistake once. But it’s by making the same mistake two days in a rowe, you assure that people will remember it AND take you for a ***** stupid idiot.