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After 14 days in Bled and one day to spare, I decided to rent a bike and go to Bohinj. Luckily, I had the good idea to follow the main street instead of somehow trying to find the way as indicated in the cycling guide. Riding on a bike not used to on a hot day in the mountains was challenge enough.

Anyway, Bohinj lake is beautiful. And big; at least compared to the one in Bled. I had to go up to Vogel – a ski resort station, to get the ‘full picture’. The cable car came in quite handy at this moment in time. If ever you do the same, the buses going to Ljubljana stop in Bled as well – and if you ask nicely enough, the bus driver takes the bike along as well.


Un bled qui s’appelle Bled*

Bled is incredibly beautiful. And probably quite boring if you come there for tourism only. But as I had other things to do; I enjoyed very much walking by the lake at the end of the day, going for a swim, and just looking at the mountains.

Things to do in Bled are: rowing to the island – ringing the bell in the church is optional but said to bring luck; rafting, climbing up to the castle, walking around the lake, cycling, walking through the vintgar gorge and relaxing, relaxing, relaxing.

* In French, the word ‘bled’ stands for a small, rather lost village in the middle of nowhere


All together, I spent 9 hours in Ljubljana – 5 walking throughout the city, 2 watching football, 2 having dinner with friends. It is pretty, it is small, it is lively. Though I probably missed a lot, I still feel like having seen the essentials – the dragon, the castle, the three bridges. Maybe next time with more guidance…

Cheating with statistics

Today: Slovenian tourist agency on ‘Green tourism’

“A fifth of Slovenia’s coast line is protected.”

Sounds good as long as you don’t know that we are talking about a bit less than 9 kilometers.