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Pimp that beer

Despite Belgium being a country known for it outstanding and high quality beer, the current holder of the record “The World’s Strongest Beer” are the Scottish.

This nice – just a tiny bit lecturing – times articles gives some deeeep insights into a micro war between micro breweries getting a maximum of alcohol in a bottle of beer.

The very best of this story though is the video add for the currently third strongest beer: Tactical Nuclear Penguin.




“… has a very good, fresh, flouvery, Saaz hop aroma, a very big, creamy head, a soft malt character, and a spritzy, perfumy, fruitiness, drying toward the finish.”

Michael Jackson (not that one) in “The great beers of Belgium”

He also answered my question from the other day: “Best before” dates are nonsense. Most beers can only go downhill from the moment they leave the brewery. There are, though, important exceptions: the minority of beers that are designed to mature in the bottle. “Best before” dates do not do justice to them, either.

The inconvenience of Belgian beer

After two beers; une Orval et une Chimay bleue; without having anything in the stomach, I’m drunk…