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Kunst uit de ondergrond*

It’s true that I’m not a big fan of Brussels’ public transport system. However, I have to admit that there is an ongoing effort to improve the stations (with the exception of Arts-Loi and Schuman though). In a lot of metro stations, one can find statutes, paintings or installations even though many people pass without noticing them. My favourites are:

* Art from the underground à voir


Falcons for everyone*

Though it seems a bit voyeurist to watch how the adult falcon tears a catch apart to feed it to the hatchlings; it is cute to to see the little falcons all huddled together:

* On the cathedral St. Michel et Gudule

Le Château de Grand-Bigard

or Kasteel van Groot-Bijgaarden in Dutch lies west of Brussels; still easy to reach by public transport. Unless you miss the tram by 30 seconds and of course on Sundays, there is only one tram every 20 minutes…

Anyway, le château, or better it’s park, hosts a spring flower exhibition every year. It’s only open for a few weeks while the tulips, daffodils and other spring flowers are in full blossom. The inside exhibition is rather small, especially if one has seen les Serres Royales but the outside is nicely done and very colourful.

Advised reading aka Mahlzeit

“As a child I read about the near-extinction of the American bison. […]

When I read about the bison’s demise I remember thinking, with the characteristic superiority of a child, how such a thing could never happen today, that society has, in a word, ‘progressed’.”

History repeats itself: the path to extinction is still paved with greed and waste.

“We have not progressed, but refusing to learn from the past, like the ignorant, we are doomed to repeat it. Of course, unlike the ignorant, we repeat it with the full knowledge of our consequences, yet not even this stops us.”

Njanani, njanana

What haven’t they complained in the newspapers in the last days: traders, travellers, tourists.

No fresh mango in Munich; no flowers from Kenya, no weekend in Rome, njanani, njanana…

How many of those trips were actually necessary? How much does it say about a major industry that it is calling for government aids after a week (1 week!) out of business? Have we actually realised how dependent we are on a technology that not only is rather fragile but also blows hundreds of thousands of tons of CO2 in the air every day, and diminishes the quality of life of thousands of people through pollution and noise…

Flying is enjoyably fast and convenient; I agree but what about taking things a bit slower, taking the train every once in a while instead or maybe even staying at home…

Also a form of luxury, I believe.

Besides, has anybody thought of the possibility that this is a very subtle form of revenge? After all, the UK applied anti-terror laws against Island at the height of the financial crisis.

And, before I forget: Some very pretty pictures from Island, this volcano and horses.


Sometimes, we like to fancy controlling our destiny. But then, a minor hick-up puts us of the rails.

Les plaisirs de tous les jours – …

1 April – Ennoying colleagues by repeating that I’m going to Paris – tonight.

2 April – Sleeping in; going for a walk, seeing a friend, salmon & potato salad with fennel, apples and olives.

3 April – The pleasures of swimming in a 50 meter pool with lanes separated by slow, fast swimmer all styles, fast swimmer three styles, professionals. No problems with turtles or sharks…

4 April – Having friends over for dinner at a friends place. J’adore!

5 April – Walk in the sunshine. For once.

6 April – Barcelona 4 : 1 Arsenal!

7 April – …

8 April – Relaxing lunch with colleagues

9 April – Beer, sunshine, terrace – life is great.

10 April – Crumbles with chocolate and oat meal…

11 April – No curso de espanol manana pero un encuentro con una amiga para hablar un poco

12 April – Crèpes mikado – vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce.

13 April – …

14 April – Get out of my way, I’m swimming!

15 April – faire rien, quel bonheur

The right perspective

depends on the point of view.


are after parrots the second species not native to Europe, I got in front of my camera here in BXL. This little fellow in the Forêt de Soignes to be precise. The major challenge was actually to get a picture as they jump and run and hide and don’t hold still for even 2 seconds…

But then, one run across the road fleeing from a fight. While it was wondering whether my bike and I were dangerous or not before running back, I managed to get a few shots. Am I the only one to think about Chip and Chap now?

Linguistic allergy


low hanging fruit

To me, both words cause a strong reaction including nausea, utter disbelief and immediate bad intentions against the person using them. You can’t say that I did not warn you.