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Human logic

I understand when people complain about the weather in Belgium and particularly in Brussels. It’s raining a lot, and I really mean a lot. And when it is not raining, often thick grey clouds cover the sky.

What I don’t understand is when the very same people complain about the heat during the few nice days we could enjoy so far. At least, people should be consistent in their complains, no?


Angel of Death

And suddenly I understood what I hadn’t understood before: I know who, or better what Anton Chigurh is. In “No country for old men”, he is the angel of death. All those who recognise him as what he is have to die. Some very few are lucky enough to escape him – they don’t recognise him so he either flips a coin (the dumb gas station operator) or lets them walk away (the two kids at the end of the movie).

The sheriff, Ed Tom Bell, never looks into the eyes of this angel of death – he survives. The angel kills indifferently, good guys, bad guys, complete strangers having the bad luck of crossing his way. He is not interested in money or drugs, nor in justice. He is not corruptible and he laughs when his victims in their last minute say the sentence “You don’t have to do this”, as by his nature he does not have the choice but killing them.

Not a very pleasant character after all but for me the explanation why there is no end, why it doesn’t make sense. He goes beyond our understanding, beyond the reasonable, the rational; and there is nothing, at least nothing human, which is able to stop him.

I like having my problems

It’s slightly annoying that, when travelling by Thalys, the announcement for arrival in the station is done in four different languages only that I understand all of them so I have to listen four times to exactly the same little speech.


I didn’t even know that Audrey Hepburn was born in Brussels. A friend who took the picture above taught me that it was in the very same street I’m living. Not that this would have any relevance to my life or add any glamour to this small street…

Historical moments – live

A person with a cynical personality could comment that the weather today matches perfectly the political situation for what may be one of the last national days of Belgium: grey, rainy, cold and slightly desperating for a 21st of July.

The King made a speech, calling for new forms of living together to be invented but a strong doubt that anybody is still listening to him, especially those governing the country, persists.

However, the games celebrations are going on, helicopters flying over the city, a military parade, the parliament open to public, fireworks etc. The peuple doesn’t care but at least it wants to be entertained.

I just don’t get it…

No, thank you

If today, tomorrow or any time someone would ask me: “I can tell you why we are here on Earth. I can tell you where we come from and where we go to. I can tell you what the purpose of life, of your life is. You want to know?”; my answer would be “No, thank you.”

In some matters, I prefer ignorance.

Easy choice

Though I considered that in the enlightening sense of this blog, it might be useful to give an overview of the development of the political situation here in Belgium since June last year, i.e. when the whole mess government crises started, but I just don’t feel like doing it. Instead, you can search for it (see upper right side) and I publish the best pictures from Harz and Wörlitzer Park.

Comme ça, tout le monde est content.

Government crises – reloaded

And there we go again. Belgium is having another crises, after having a government for four months only. Still the old problem: the Flemish want more autonomy for the regions, the Wallonians don’t want this. The main issue remains Brussels, etc. etc.

You really want to know more? There you go.

Best of B