Les plaisirs de tous les jours – la continuation

16. Jan. – Cooking: egg plants, tomatos, garlic, goat cheese, and lots of olive oil.

17. Jan. – Spending time with people I like for tea and for dinner.

18. Jan. – Curso de español. Hablamos de peliculas, muy buen como siempre pero empiezo mesclar francès y español…

19. Jan. – Catch-up drink with a friend. Introducing him to Kwak.

20. Jan. – I love those moments in the water when swimming seems almost effortless; when 200-300 meters of crawl feel just easy and smooth. And when the guys I’m sharing the lane with let me go ahead because I’m faster…

21. Jan. – …

22. Jan. – Antipasti and a great red wine.

23. Jan. – Le Concert – A very funny and very moving Russian/French co-production. A voir absolument!

24. Jan. – A good conversation; a good beer.

25. Jan. – Seeing ‘old’ friends for lunch. Too little time, to many things to say.

26. Jan. – Pasta with Aubergine, tomato and lots of cheese…

27. Jan. – Proud of myself for keeping a promise to myself. For now.

28. Jan. – …

29. Jan. – Good day turning in a bad one and in a good one again.

30. Jan. – Sitting in my kitchen, enjoying the sunshine and a good book.

31. Jan. – Still sunshine. Can you believe it?


2 responses to “Les plaisirs de tous les jours – la continuation

  1. I particularly like 16 January…yummy! I am a bit worried about your Thursdays, though. Wondering whether “…” stands for “Filmriß”. And if it does, I will start worrying about your Wednesday nights… 😉

  2. 😀 Brilliant. I will enlighten you about my particular Wednesday nights and Thurs’days in Vienna.

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