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Changing habits

When I lived in Grenoble, I went skiing every winter. And every winter, the first day on skis was the worst. I felt like not knowing anymore how to ski with my knowledge and my skills eventually coming back from the second day onwards. 

This year, after not skiing for 3 years at all, the first day and even the very first ski-run were as I hadn’t done anything else in the last few weeks – easy, smooth and fast. 

It’s weird but I like it.


How to make myself freak out

  • Buy pretty expensive tickets to Grenoble 
  • Put them carefully aside 
  • Move into a new place
  • Unpack, arrange and clean the new place
  • Prepare the luggage for the ski holiday
  • The night before, look for the tickets

I’m writing these lines using the very fancy Mac of a friend and overlooking la chaine du Vercors but I can tell you – the heart attack was but one beat away…

If you are looking for me

you may find me in the next days on the sunny side of mountain ranges covered generously in snow racing full Schuß down hill. Be careful not to get in my way 🙂

Vue aérienne en hiver

Wordled puce

Wordled puceMake your own at


Brussels public transport is not the cleanest or most efficient ever. Still, it is probably not fair from me to be swearing at it when, coming from a friend late at night, I have to wait 15 minutes for a tram. I should have looked up when trams are running on the Internet.

However, while I was waiting, I was trying to figure out how high my chances were of not having to wait more than 10 minutes when arriving at a stop without knowing when a tram is coming but considering that trams run every 20 minutes.


More unnecessary knowledge

When reading about Friday 13th, I came across the highly interesting fact that a 31st happens to be on a Wednesday only 398 times in 400 years, i.e. 20871 weeks; compared to 688 Fridays on a 13th. See the fascinating table on the German Wikipedia for more info.

Unnecessary knowledge

The shortest period between two Fridays 13th is only four weeks. It’s the case when the 13 of Feb is – obviously – a Friday and February the usual 28 days short. In March then, the 2nd Friday is again on a 13th. Like this year.

Luckily I’m not superstitious. Knock on wood.

Cheep happiness

Heat the chocolate creme in the microwave, pour it over the banana and the vanilla icecream.

100% success guarantee after a long exhausting day.

Life is simple.

In case you wonder: The title is choosen deliberately.


is when you can’t help laughing at a big organisation whose website has been hacked and rerouted to a website where a Trojan Horse is downloaded from after having dealt for days with a blacklisting issue due to emails falsely identified as spam.

At least, it feels good to see that you’re not the only one having problems.

Given and taken

or: If you loose one thing in life, you win another.

or: I have Internet access to an unprotected wifi connection in my kitchen (sitting close to the window) but the heating isn’t working (and no hot water).

or: When you study, you’ve time to travel but no money and once you work, you’ve the money but not the time.

or: There is always a price to pay. Though, I don’t see the link between no heating vs. Internet access but there’s probably a higher force in this universe (or another) which does.