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Somewhere in Germany

stands this water castle. It was on the road from Jena to Darmstadt and the village was called Friedensberg or Friedenshausen, or something like this…

In case you want to go 🙂

Lynxes and more

After MeiĂźen and Dresden, the Schloss Moritzburg was on the to-visit list. Unfortunately, the regular exhibition was closed so that the I was not as impressed as I probably ought to be.

But anyway. What was really cool was the walk to and then through the wild life park close by the castle. Some of it is quite old and some cages – especially for the foxes and some of the martens –  are awfully small, but you could also see that new, much larger enclosures were built.

The one thing I could have spent hours doing, had it not been as cold as it was, was to watch the four young Lynxes that were playing under the watchful eye of their mother. They are part of a programme that reintroduces lynxes into the wild. More than a hundred of them are living again in the Eastern part of the country and one day, they will roam free to.

Though the irony is that the mother animal is born in captivity and will never see the wild. At the same time, there is no risk that she gets shot by a hunter or is run over by a car. It’s sad and but somehow, it’s hopeful too.



The stop in MeiĂźen was part of a week long trip through Germany, mainly the eastern part. Most of the time, the fog was way to bad to make good pictures but the day in MeiĂźen was just absolutely beautiful.

Rainbow in the sky