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Only funny to me


Phillips head screwdriver

Tournevis cruciforme

Please note the beauty of the German word. You can also use it to test if you are drunk. If you can pronounce it four consecutive times without mistakes, you are sober. Crazy, but sober.


The values of good education

I was cycling calmly on my way home when I saw that guy with a packet of chips. And not just any chips but my favourite flavour: sweet Thai chili. The package was not open and he was holding it loosely on his arm. My idea was basically that I could grab the package and then cycle rapidly away. Very nice idea according to me only that my education is too good as I would do such a think… Not sure if this is good or bad.

For your kind perusal

Coming home when the birds start to sing.


In what a world do we live in that fig confiture is cheaper than Nutella?

Only a game? – Of course not!

Yesterday, I visited the exhibition “Only a game? Football & Europe” organised by the UEFA here in Brussels. I wonder what the question mark is supposed to be at the end of the sentence. Football is, of course, not only a game! It is passion, life, sadness, joy and 22 grown up men or women running after one ball.

Anyway, the exhibition was very nice, with a lot of multimedia. I appreciated most a video installation about emotions in football. That was world cup atmosphere. There are also some very nice photos and I liked all the books you could read in a calm corner. One book, I was thinking how to smuggle it into my rucksack but it was far to big and it would not have been fair for all the visitors still coming…

Football in Brussels

Football history in shirts

And if ever I have time tomorrow or in the next days, I will share my highly asked opinion with you why football is so much more than a game…


Sunday afternoon, Brussels: containers are in the air…


My interpretation would be that there is something valuable or important in the container which has (you can’t see it on the picture) wheels. So probably the construction workers were afraid that someone could have the idea to take what is inside the container or, why not, the container itself. And since there is no place to close it away, they choose the safest place they could find and left it there for the weekend… Still, looks strange.

Bad points about Brussels

Sometimes, I have strong doubts about Brussels being a capital or even a major city. This happens for instance when

  • You cannot pay with Visa card in the shopping centre in “Gare de Midi” (the central station even if it does not have the name – Belgium sense of humour) even if they write Visa on the door
  • I have to queue in order to pay my train ticket because there are no ticket machines
  • Streets have no road signs making it pretty difficult to find the way despite a map
  • Cash machines were run out of money exactly when I desperately need some cash… (this happened three times to me and other people had the same problem)