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Happiness in real time

It’s this time of the year.

Beware the unknown

Whenever someone asks you: ‘Do you really want to know?’, think twice before answering ‘yes’. Because once you do know, there is no such a thing as “unknowing”.

With a little bit of luck, you might forget whatever you have been told but chances are that you won’t. It’s especially when you think ‘Gosh, I wish he hadn’t told me’ that this very particular random piece of information is burned into your memory.


DAU* exercise

Imagine a conference podium with four micros. After pressing the button of one of the micros, there is a little red light on the very same micro. Guess which of the micros is switched on.”

* DAU = Dümmster anzunehmender User; being short of a direct translation, the DAU is best described as the person you have in mind when thinking about idiot-proof systems. If there were such a thing.

Yes, it can

Whenever you are tempted to say that things cannot possibly be this complicated* in Belgium, then unfortunately the answer is:

* General elections were on 13 June.

My brain and I

need to have a conversation. Yesterday morning, I wrote down a few things I needed to do. Send an email to this friend, take this paper to work, etc. One of the things I wrote down is “Chaos, small chair”. Only that I have no recollection of 1) writing this down in the first place and, 2) what I could have possibly meant by it.

Navigating on the highway of life

Actually, it’s not an highway at all but more a labyrinth full of dead-ends, one way streets, fast tracks, and accidents. Depending on whether you turn left, right, or go straight ahead at a certain moment, you might end up in a totally different area. Sometimes, you’ll have the chance to come back at the point of departure and choose a different direction. But even then you’ve lost time.

When I had to take decisions in the past, I absolutely did not care about anything like this. And it is still difficult, considering that I don’t know my destination. The best GPS in the world won’t help if you haven’t figured out that part.

However, a couple of decisions that I have to take in the next few months will determine to a great deal where my way will lead. It’s scary and it makes me hesitant: What if I take the wrong exit? What if I can’t turn around?  What if I waste time and money? What if…

Waffle jokes

John Stewart making jokes about Belgium 29/09/2010
Mob Swap
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Fast forward to 0’40

2 months & 2 years

That plants grow at a different speed is probably widely known. It’s still surprising to see that my avocado ‘tree’ is almost as high after 2 months as is the date palm after two years.

That doesn’t work

The term “idiot proof” depends very much on the definition of the word ‘idiot’.

Revolutionary technological breakthrough