“Il n’y a jamais deux sans trois” or as the Germans say “Aller guten Dinge sind drei”; which means that if you have two of a kind, a third one is likely to follow.

But, after two totally rotten summers in Belgium, the third one makes all efforts to be the exception confirming the rule: beautiful, sunny and warm interrupted only by occasional rain so that people don’t get overly enthousiastic.

Too late; far too late. Especially after last Saturday which was spent kayaking down the Lesse – a river close to Dinant. It’s really easy: You book in advance; go there on time and take a train ride up the river which you then paddle down in a boat kayak. If the staff at the registration get’s it wrong; you’ll even be able to enjoy the long tour (21 km) instead of the short one (12 km) which roughly means a 5 hour paddling including some good breaks in the sunshine and very heavy arms the next day.

I still can’t make up my mind of what was better: Watching people suffer shipwreck in the most stupid ways or admiring the very beautiful landscape around you. Most likely it was the combination of both 🙂

More information on here; needless to say that there were hundreds of people doing the same on this warm and sunny day but hey; if you want to be alone; just come on a rainy November day. But I guarantee; it will be less fun.


2 responses to “Kayaking

  1. And where’s a picture with you capsizing?

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