Continuing the discovery

Good mood and good weather were hardly ever dependent on eachother in my life until I moved to Brussels. I still haven’t found a graph proving my theory that it rains particularly often on weekend; but here I always fell like having to use every itzy bit of good weather; you’ll never know when you see the sun again.

This, a recent need to be more activ and the wish to know more of Brussels made me participate in the rollerparade – a 4 hour inline scating tour throughout the city. Actually, only the south-western part of it – Uccle. On a not to warm Friday night, this is one of the best things to do to discover streets, places and areas, you’d never have found by yourself and probably won’t find again if you try. However, it was very well organised, fun and exhausting. Especially for someone who does know how to break but isn’t an expert.


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