Fait exprès*

Every time I’m decided to really, really get to the shop and buy the material I need to set up an Internet connection at home, the unprotected WiFi is working fine.

But the moment I really need it to work – preferably on Sundays when shops are closed – it is down.

I guess someone is having fun watching…

*absichtlich tun; do something on purpose


3 responses to “Fait exprès*

  1. I completely know the feeling! My modem is breaking down since more than a year, and I should call the company, but I never do…

  2. You should really do something with that Internet connection, every time you connect to someone’s else wifi god kills a kitten.

  3. @ Umwalker: As long as it somehow works, the need to do something is not urgent enough. If I hadn’t Internet at all, I would have done something months ago.

    @ Zeta: 😀 LOL! If it were true that a sailor died everytime someone lit a cigarette on a candle, we would have 100% automatic oversea shipping by now. Good try though!

    La puce killing cute kittens…

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