The evening already started badly. Both, the represenation of Westphalia and of Baden-Württemberg were closed for an “on invitation only” event. The representation of Bavaria did not even bother to open. Probably they did not think that Germany would make it up to the semifinal final and were obviously not flexible enough to change their planning. Stupid idiots bureaucrats.

Then the game itself. In the first 20 minutes, one single lost shot by the Germans while Turkey was clearly making the game. The Turkish goal was a logic merit for the team dominating the game. This in return was apparently what the Germans needed to wake up and start playing which improved the game sensibly. Though, all their efforts were just enough to equal the score and defend it up to the half time.

In the second half a fighting and running German team and ………..

emptiness. BBC had technical problems cutting the channel twice. Twice!! Over 10 minutes. How bloody stupid are these guys over there? Maybe they have great documentations. Who cares? We missed the goal of Klose. If ever I was a fan of BBC – it’s history.

However, the game was far from being finished. Turkey made very clear through its game that it would not give up until the very last second was over and consequently balanced the score again. 86 minutes played – leaving me with a huge doubt if the extra time would do any good to the German team. But while I was still pondering, they did what they are supposed to do: They scored!

The final whistle blow wasn’t coming any minute to early finally releasing everybody in the pub from the tension and thus paving the way for exuberant celebrations.

If football wouldn’t be so exhausting to watch, the cup could last the whole summer.


7 responses to “Germans!

  1. well, it seems it was not only BBC:,1518,562121,00.html

    It could have been worse: being invited by some French friends I haven’t seen for a long time into a restaurant with no TV! So I couldn’t see a minute of the game…

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  3. @ Uli: I know I’m awful but seriously, I would have kindly declined or postponed the invitation.
    Thanks for the link, I found the same in the SZ. The UEFA is the bad guy in this story. They want to make as much money as possible binding all TV stations to their broadcast and then it doesn’t work.

  4. Ich wiederhole mich ja ungern, aber es paßt grad so schön: ““That’s the thing about the Germans…they often just limp over the line.” (Mark Lawrenson, BBC1 commentator). Well, “Rumpelfußball” it wasn’t. It was far, far worse. The final will be a walkover. I am sure of it. 4:1 to Germany. Unless we play the Russians.

  5. It wasn’t that bad. And I don’t know if you seen Croatia – Turkey but if you consider Rumpelfußball being a German virtue, then the Turkish definitely copied us during that game.
    However, the true aspect of the Lawrenson’s statement is that no team should ever underestimate the Germans, even (or maybe especially) when they are playing crap.

  6. Hmm. Agree on Germany not being so bad. Turkey was so good, still we won. Away with German negativity…
    TV: Well I watched in the restaurant underneath my studio on ZDF – 3 minutes nothing, 3 minutes radio broadcast via telephone, than they were intelligent enough to switch to Suisse TV. Saw all goals! Uli

  7. I think we have good chances to win if Germany keeps on playing so lala. What I am afraid of is that they play really well and then they loose… wouldn’t be the first time.

    Lucky you watching all the goals!

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