Belgium 2007 is

  • My little sister coming to visit me and giving me the task to show her around in Brussels and pretending to know the city much better than I actually do
  • Surprisingly good weather since we did not have rain for nearly a week now
  • Strangely empty as a lot of people I know went back to their home countries
  • Finding new friends through meeting old ones
  • Trying to find a new room for not much more money than the old one but closer to the city center and perhaps with fewer flatmates… (It is not that I did not like them. It’s just that nine were sometimes a bit too much)
  • Visiting the Royal Palace open every year during summer time (cameras were not allowed)
  • Lazy as there would be a lot of things to do but I’m more benefiting from my last week of holiday
  • Work starting next week
  • A good time

4 responses to “Belgium 2007 is

  1. “Work starting next week”…are you resuming your internship or did you actually get a new job?

    Curious as always,

    Mike (first day back in the office after my own holidays)

  2. Hey Maik! How are you and how was your holiday?

    I got the job I am starting next week through an agency for temporary employment and I’m quite curious to see how this is going to work…

    Telling you more soon, la puce

  3. How am I…exhausted (“urlaubsreif”)! The holiday was not really a holiday…more time away from the office. I had a project meeting in the United States, which was pretty exciting as I had never been to the US before. But crossing the Atlantic twice in six days and spending two of those six days criss-crossing Manhattan is not exactly relaxing. But I learnt a lot; some of it expected, some of it unexpected. Expected: US Immigration Officers are really as xenophobic as rumour has it. Unexpected: Once you leave the big city and trundle through suburban/rural New Jersey, the US reminded me a lot of the (rural) Soviet Union…the same blandness, the same “Trostlosigkeit”. (Don’t get me wrong, I love Russia, but some parts look plain depressing.)


  4. Hey Maik,

    Wow, when are you going to get real holiday? And when and where have you been in the Soviet Union? The States are one of the countries I’m still looking forward to visit. With my new job there is even some hope that I’ll be able to afford it.
    So, what were the States like? Is Manhatten a place to go to or not? Would be great to if you could tell me a bit more – also by email if you prefer.
    Read from you,
    la puce

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