A kind of starfish?

Nevermind that I think that the German word for starfish – Seestern i.e. seastar – fits much better; I have no idea if this actually is one:

Anybody out there who happens to know? If you are curious – I don’t want to make people jealous – this is where I found them:


8 responses to “A kind of starfish?

  1. That’s the endoskeleton of a sea urchin. And no, I’m not jealous. After all, the season at the Gänsehäufel starts again at the end of April…

    • The endoskeleton of a sea urchin… Fascinating! I should come to Vienna again and check out the Gänsehäufel to see how it compares to Brazilian beaches.

      • There is no sea, no surf, no sand and no palm tree. Apart from that there are probably only negligible differences.

      • Maybe you should come and visit the beaches over here? Who knows which differences you might notice on the spot 😉

  2. In order to make comparisons I would have to go to the Gänsehäufel first. Unfortunately it’s on the wrong side of the Danube.

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