We didn’t do much in Riga. No sightseeing, no museums, no guided tour. I could try and claim that it was due to the weather but being honest, we were just lazy. So lazy, we didn’t even take pictures. However, we had the best almond croissants, spent a lot of time in a nicely decorated pub with great food and good beer, read a lot, walked a lot and made fire.

Yeaaaaah fire!!! This was thanks to our AirBnB sleeping place which had not only a fireplace but also a generous wood supply. It wasn’t so generous after our two day stay but a very nice way to heat the apartment which in its former life was a pub decorated like Alibaba’s cave. Fittingly, it was in a cave – the kind that never gets warm, no matter what temperatures are outside.

Oh, and I also bought the one souvenir you are not allowed to come back without after visiting the Baltic states: amber. So much for Riga.


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