Piranhãs and the blow-dryer

Nothing is ever close by in Brazil. If anything, close means less than four hour drive. In this sense, Piranhãs isn’t that far away from Maceió: only three and a half hours down the road. With our main destination being the canyons of the river São Francisco, we didn’t expect too much from this little town besides finding a place where to stay for a night.

As it turned out, we were positively surprised. Piranhãs is a lovely town. Contrary to other historic city centres, down town Piranhãs consists entirely of small, lively painted houses. Throughout the city, you perceive the efforts to keep everything clean, green and welcoming. Very successfully so!

After walking through most of the streets, we also climbed up to the two mirantes. And even though the view was nice, we couldn’t help but feel a bit roasted. Because once on top of the hill, there was some wind going. Only that, contrary to the coast, there was nothing cooling about this wind. If any, it reminded more an overheated blow dryer…


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