This touristy thing

Especially among backpackers, I have met times and again a certain contempt for the average tourist and the places they go to. Getting off the beaten track, to see some exotic, original, well preserved, preferable hidden place, seems to be the ultimate goal. Best are those who only miss good infrastructure but that’s not the point.

The point is that tourists visit a place for a reason and usually it’s not because it is ugly. While a lot of these frequently visited places would certainly be more pleasant without masses of tourists, they are often beautiful and worthwhile seeing. Many of them are actually brought alive thanks to all those people visiting as many historic city centres could tell.

Additionally, I feel that we should leave the last few undisturbed corners the way they are. Once there is a first hotel, a beach club, a more convenient road, and a shopping centre; the discoverers move on to the next ‘undiscovered’ beauty. To start all over again…


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