A fruity journey

Well, not really, only a half day trip down to Coruripe where we spent most of our time on the grounds of a friend, picking up and tasting fruits. At least as long as we weren’t busy fighting of the omnipresent mosquitoes. And not just any: the biggest mosquitoes I have ever seen.

A part from that, the afternoon gave a great impression of Brazil, with all its beauties and contrasts, including:

AntvilleHuge ants to go along with the mosquitoes.

Where's the crabbie?Tiny crabs only; the big ones were still hiding.

Touch me if you dareOther huge furry animals…

CaramboleThe freshest and tastiest Carambole I ever had.

I don't remember the name, sorryAnd another fruit, olive like in its outside appearance.

Inside of the nameless fruitWith a sweet sour, floury taste…

2013-03-22 16.31.43A look up the river, including high-rising smoke caused by the
illegal burning of sugar cane fields.

Look down the river A look down the river

MoonshineLots of moonshine

And, not pictured, a bucket full of mangoes already turned into chutney.


2 responses to “A fruity journey

  1. The spider.. eeeuughh

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