Recife and a horse for a bookshop

I promise to take pictures next time. This time, I was too busy just walking around and enjoying the historic city centre of Recife. Contrary to Maceio, a lot of the centre has been preserved with all its little churches, an impressive old market and the beautifully restored fort.

Though the best of all for me was… the livraria cultura. Which is only a chain of book shops and still so much more! After several months in Maceio, I only know two bookshops down here. One is the poorest and most neglected little thing I’ve ever seen; placed in a shopping centre where every other shop receives more attention than this book shop. The other is nicer, with a coffee place but still without any English books whatsoever and a selection that is easily looked through in 10 minutes max.

I must admit that I was excited like a child on Christmas eve when taking the bus to Recife. And oh the pleasure of being in a proper bookshop, of going through the English section, of taking out all the books that seemed interesting, or only vaguely so and then to settle in one of the many arm chairs to skim through all the books…

In the end, I finished buying three books despite their stiff ‘European‘ price after a very happy afternoon. If it weren’t for the four hour bus trip up North (one way); I’d definitely come over more often.

Ah, what the heck! I might still!


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