Pedra da Boca – or how to come accross a jewel

If it hadn’t been for a work meeting on the last day of our journey; we wouldn’t have driven by Pedra da Boca. But looking for something diverting to do on the way to Campina Grande, I noticed a small paragraph in an even smaller booklet about the natural parks of Rio Grande do Norte.

Strictly speaking, the Pedra da Boca state park is in Paraíba but the only access leads down from its northern neighbor state. Like other smaller, state run natural parks, the first challenge is finding it*. Without any prior checking on opening hours or calling; we just drove down to the park.

Luckily for us, there was an employee around, more like a guard than a guide. Still, he deemed it safer to join us on our tour. Two hours later we re-emerged from a mini trekking tour, after climbing through caves, seeing wild monkeys, and witnessing the stunning view over this amazing area.

Even without an entrance fee for the park, we opted for a  generous tip for our guide before driving on to our last stop before finally, after many hours on the road, making it home. Though this last stop, as many others, demonstrated that what it takes to discover Brazil are luck, good driving skills and a tiny bit of persistence.

Pedra da Boca - Panorama

* Considering the average Brazilian tourist, making natural parks hard to find might be a good thing. They usually come in dozens in buses, drive around with buggies and leave their rubbish. But that’s a story for a different post.


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