Potemkin forests

Throughout our drive, I saw the same phenomena along rivers and roads: forests, savannah bushes, small patches of farm land… Especially the last two for long, long stretches of the journey.

When seeing forest from the road, it was often obvious that these didn’t reach far into the land. The same it was on the river up to the Lençois: while the forest seemed rich and large from the river, it was not more than a few meters away before it turned into agricultural land.

View from the lighthouse  pano-001

By legislation, landowners have to leave forests on the river banks for up to 30 meter. The rest can be cut down to make space for growing whatever plant will be resistant enough to do the job. Without going all environmental and pitying – who am I to judge here? – I couldn’t help remembering Potemkin and his make believe mise-en-scene.


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