Ferias no Nordeste

As mentioned before, traveling in Brazil means first and foremost, to enjoy driving. This trip was no different from the ones before with the exception that the distance covered in two weeks was even longer: almost 6000 km.

Go straight for the next 105km, then turn left. From Maceio, we went inland up to São Luiz and then back all along the coast. Besides long strands of straight road, the most interesting was often the company we had were trying to avoid: Suicidal donkeys, cows, horses, chicken, goats, dogs running on or over the street.

Are you looking at me?

Donkeys!!Of course, we could have stayed on the national highways to minimize the risk of driving into animals. Still, these fellows were more agreeable than the trucks whose drivers have often their very own approach to road safety.

Companions of the roadHaving said this, it was absolutely worth it. The land out there, o Sertão, is very different from the coast: dry, harsh and beautiful at once.

Into the sunshine

It’s not easy for people to make a living out there, the poor red soil, the lack of rain, the hard work. Driving through does hardly give a sound impression of how it really feels to life there. Still, I found it worth-while to see this other part of Brazil, this part that is not on the post cards and not in the travel guides. Because, after all, it is there.


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