One more thing

we have to talk about, New York:


Coffee is a brewerage you are not supposed to be able to look through. Especially not 5 millimeters. This kind of beweverage you can look into and see the bottom of the cup is either called tea or jus de chaussettes.

That coffee in the US tastes like the later one of course only fits the looks but come on guys: You can do better than this! It’s easy. Just make it black. B-L-A-C-K = no looking into, smooth surface, that’s it.

It probably won’t taste much better but at least the guy next to me in the restaurant won’t insinst on being served from the other pot because he thought I had taken tea…


4 responses to “One more thing

  1. That’s the reason why Starbucks is so successful in the US. It’s the only place with good coffee.

    • If only the coffee was black, not dark brown… Can this really be so difficult to make??

      Starbucks is overpriced but I do see the point now.

  2. I guess this is why the Italians derogatively call it a Caffè Americano.

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