Sao Paolo

It seems that Sao Paolo is about the last place one would want to live in Brazil. And it’s not exactly difficult to see why. It is but one huge sea of concrete. That the summer on the coast is the worst in years – Belgian style: 20° and rain – and that the main (inofficial) attraction of Sao Paulo is the Avenida Paulista, a shopping street, made things only worse.

Still, I met friends who kept on insisting that Sao Paulo is the best city to live in in Brazil and took us to nice areas to go out. It’s not too far from the beach which in return is close to the biggest Brazilian harbour. One can see passing one container vessel after the other and imagine what the water quality might be like.

It probably won’t have been the last time, I visited this city. But I do feel that I’ll have to make a particular effort to find a few more advantages in its favour. Enfin, pourquoi pas?


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