Any idea

What that is?:

It’s a shell like thing  found numberous times on the beach. It’s top seems like a huge, white tongue and the bottom … well. If you break it through, you can see that the yellow-whitish inside is layered.


20 responses to “Any idea

  1. Coucou la puce,
    C’est un os de seiche! Et pour en savoir plus sur cette attachante bestiole,

    • C’est génial!! J’aurais jamais pensé que ce truc vient d’une seiche. Les choses qu’on apprend dans la vie…
      Merci beaucoup pour le lien!

    • And for our friends who don’t speak French:
      – it’s the bone of a common cuttlefish (how cute is this?)
      – Der Knochen (bzwd. das Endoskellet) des Gemeinen Tintenfisches

  2. Sehr beliebt bei Wellensittichbesitzern…

  3. Or, come to think of it, bei Wellensittichen 🙂

    • Faszinierend. Bin gerade hin- und hergerissen zwischen der Bewunderung, damit Geld zu machen und dem Erstaunen, dass es Leute gibt, die dafr auch tatschlich Geld ausgeben…

  4. Vielleicht eine interessante Nebenerwerbsquelle für Dich? Gibt schließlich schlimmeres, als am Strand spazierenzugehen und damit Geld zu verdienen… 🙂

  5. We call it a cuttlefish, and feed it to our budgies back in Australia.

  6. See? It’s a global industry.

  7. @ Lydia: What is a budgy?

    @ Maik: If I were to start such a business, would you invest in it? We might be up to something here…

  8. Depends on your business plan. It might be a good idea to approach this from an „eco“ angle – natural sepia, handpicked from the beaches of Normandy (well, almost). Thus you might be able to charge a premium price. If you could come up with some pseudo-scientific evidence that this particular sepia has a beneficial effect on the formation of the shell of budgie eggs, you could target premium breeders. Maybe this is something that could form the core of your MBA thesis?

  9. The thing is that I’m almost sure that the inner-layers of that cuttlefish bone (or endosceleton) has some interesting physical properties. The way they are placed, they are quite resistant and still light. Without any offence: There must be something more to get out of this thing than budgie breeding.

  10. Light but of great strenght? Maybe there is an application in space exploration…

  11. Vielleicht könntest Du Deine Kontakte zur Kommission spielen lassen…mit etwas Glück ist ein FP-7 Projekt drin.

  12. Yes we call it cuttlefish. And budgie is a budgerigar, a kind of small pet bird like a canary 🙂

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