Human parallel

Some time ago, I wrote about what humans consider to be invasive species vs. the useful ones. Useful to humans, obviously.

As a friend pointed out, a lot of people have exactly the same attitude to migrant workers once they are not needed any longer. When they were invited, the host nation received them quite pleased and congratulated itself for having them – who else would do the work? – but then they dared to stay, to bring their wives, to have children. Not to mention that they had their own language, culture or even a different religion.

And now?


2 responses to “Human parallel

  1. Funny, I was just thinking about this today. When I get broody I also get resentful and I was thinking how Flemsih people are sometimes the most racist people I’ve ever met, but I couldn’t see why since they pretty much invited migrant workers here to come work cheap but never bothered to strongly encourage integration.

  2. Though this is everything but reassuring: It is not only the Flemish. You will find the same attitude in Germany and France.

    It’s probably because it is so much easier to blame the others than to look for our own mistakes… Or something along these lines.

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