A matter of taste*

I never quite understood how it comes that the English like the accent French speakers have. To me, it is ok as long as it is only a faint accent, but a strong one is about as enjoyable as having your toe nails removed. Without anaesthetics** painful.

But then I realised that it is all a matter of taste. After all, I’ve never seen as many – what I consider – badly dressed people as in the UK: leggings and shorts; undersized cloths on oversized people, hyper creative colour combinations…

* Or: How to insult two nations with one post.

** Mes chers amis français, je vous aimes! D’autant plus que nous pouvons communiquer sans devoir passer par une autre langue que la votre.


2 responses to “A matter of taste*

  1. Hearing someone speak English with an accent often means that they are bilingual, at the least, which is very impressive to someone from a nation of monolinguists like me.

    As for fashion, I agree, the Belgians, Dutch, and French seem to have an effortless style that seems impossible to emulate.

  2. You heard me speaking: I have an accent too. That’s not the matter.
    What I have sometimes trouble bearing is people abusing a language; speaking grammatically and phonetically wrong, torturing the listener…
    A strong German accent in English makes me cringe just as well as any other.

    Emulate – learned another word today. Thanks!

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