2 versions of a story

Ideal world:

Me: Good morning
Colleague: Good morning. How are you?
Me: Fine, and you?
C: Fine too but listen I have a problem with the computer. Would you mind having a look on it after grabbing a coffee?
Me: Sure, no problem.

Real world:

Me: Good morning.
C: Can you tell me why this computer is not working??
Me: Good morning… First, I get a coffee; then I’ll have a look.
C: “…”
Me thinking: “I’m sure most people are taught manners as children. But some are better than others in eradicating them from their daily behaviour.”


3 responses to “2 versions of a story

  1. Hello my german friend, its ur former english flat mate, hope all is well, just read ur blog at ur most resent point is very very true, but another addition is i also find it rude when people keep saying LISTEN, as if i need to get my ears active as they can not hear unless some one says LISTEN. Another one is making everything into short. For example i say Kind Regards in emails, but know people say KR.

    Keep it GERMAN

  2. KSC is still alive!! What a pleasure to read from you.
    “Now listen… ” – had that one too.
    Another one is “full stop” to mark the end of a discussion. “I’m right; full stop.”
    Agree with you also on the abreviations in emails! Maybe you are just a little bit of a German yourself sometimes? 😛

  3. hahahaha maybe theres a german in all of us,,,,hhahahahahahhaha. I said it once and i will say it again, U GERMANS WILL NEVER LEARN. Very good hearing from you to.

    All the best

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