Diplomatic difficulty

The problem with being nice diplomatic is that people might still get angry at you because of what you said while they will not appreciate what you did not say.

In other words: Did you ever experienced someone getting upset because you criticised him (or her) in what you considered to be rather gentle words? Only to be left wondering what would have happened if you had said what you really thought?

No need to thank me for sharing this.


6 responses to “Diplomatic difficulty

  1. I find it very hard to be assertive, even in extreme situations. Even diplomatically disagreeing with someone is usually the best I can do.

    • But what do you do then when you are really angry at someone? When you feel that you are being pushed aside or treated badly?

      Sometimes, I wish that my words were chosen more wisely but I can’t help myself speaking up…

  2. I totally agree with you since I had the same thing happening to me some weeks ago as well! So afterwards I thought why not shouting out all I wanna say, but I didn’t…

  3. Yes. At least the other would have known what you really thought. It’s kind of frustrating and still, I’m usually glad that I was diplomatic.

  4. I normally do it wrong. I shout out, when I shouldn’t have, I’m diplomatic, when I should have shouted it out. Really frustrating!!!

    • Oups… You are worse than I am. But try this: Next time you feel like shouting, just turn and walk away. Talk to the person the next day. This way, you can cool down and prepare a few diplomatic words.

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