Mijn Voornemen

During a few hours on New Year’s Eve, I spoke more Dutch than in 4 years in Belgium together. The next day, I realised, that my Spanish and my Dutch knowledge do not get mixed up any longer.

Hence, the idea, to boost my Dutch a bit further while continuing Spanish. And because I haven’t shared this before, here the link to an excellent German/Dutch online dictionary: www.uitmuntend.de.


2 responses to “Mijn Voornemen

  1. That’s so impressive. I am amazed by your multilingual abilities. There’s a lot of chances to practise your Dutch around here if you seek them out.

    • Actually, the more languages you learn, the easier it gets. Provided that you stay within the same family of languages. The problem in Brussels is that way too many people speak English. I’m sometimes having trouble practicing my french… Mais bon, je ne vais pas me plaindre 🙂

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